Texan medicaid applications for people with diabetes will be processed in Texas in January.

The move comes as Texas is grappling with a record number of new cases and the governor, Greg Abbott, has said his state’s Medicaid system is struggling.

A spokeswoman for the Department of State Health Services (DSHS), which handles the applications, said the agency will be processing applications for Medicaid by the end of January.

She said it was a voluntary program.

“We are pleased to see the Texas Department of Health and Human Services (TDHS) moving to begin processing Medicaid application applications for the 2018-19 state fiscal year,” DSHS spokeswoman Emily Schaffer said in a statement.

“This new initiative will expedite the process of approving new beneficiaries in Texas.”

As the state’s leading provider of healthcare services to those with diabetes, we look forward to seeing more of these applications processed.

“The department is also allowing applicants to upload photos of themselves, including their social media accounts, as proof of eligibility.

The agency also allows applications for family caregivers to submit photos of children with diabetes as proof that the applicant has a disability, such as blindness.

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Become one.TDHS has processed over $2 billion in applications for state Medicaid since the agency was created in 2016.

The office expects to be able to process applications for new beneficiaries on January 1.

Texas, the sixth-most populous state in the US, has been hit by a record rate of diabetes.

In 2017, Texas saw nearly 6 million new cases of diabetes, with a projected increase of more than 1 million cases by 2021.

There were nearly 23,000 new cases in the state in 2020.