US citizens are being forced to pay thousands of dollars in debts to companies and individuals because they did not register for Medicare, the federal government’s healthcare system.

A group of Americans, including Zaxbys lawyer, filed an application for citizenship on Tuesday, saying they did no sign up for Medicare when they applied for a work visa in June 2015.

Zaxby has a $4.3m lawsuit against the federal Labor Government over the debt, which is due to be settled in January.

Zetby and a lawyer for other Americans are fighting the debt on behalf of several American citizens who do not qualify for Medicare.

The debt, if settled, would affect up to 5,400 Americans who are enrolled in Medicare.

Zaxson was among those who applied for Medicare in the first place.

“We don’t have any way of paying this debt and we don’t want it to happen,” Zaxon said.

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services said it has been notified of the petition and will determine if the debt is eligible for payment.”CIS is working with the petitioners to determine whether the debt has been resolved and to make any necessary payments to those individuals,” it said.

A spokesman for the Department of Labor said it had not received the petition, but would review it.