Aldi, the largest supermarket chain in the UK, has launched an ad for an assistant manager, which the chain said would lead to more staff being part of its team.

The job posting was posted on Wednesday on the company’s official job board, but the full version is being made available to the public on Thursday, when the job opens.

Aldi said the new role would be responsible for overseeing the store’s stores, including its retail service, online and in the supermarket, and help with the store-wide marketing efforts.

Alder’s boss, Karl Walde, told CNN that the assistant would “act as a bridge between the retail team and the customer experience” in a role that would involve “interacting with Aldi’s customers on a regular basis”.

Aldis boss Karl Walder said: “We have made an appointment with the candidate to become our Assistant Manager.

He will work in the Retail team as our associate manager and help us with all aspects of our retail strategy.”

It’s an exciting opportunity, but it’s a challenging one, so we’re really looking forward to meeting him and helping him learn.

“The role is a “big change” for Aldi in the past, with previous roles usually requiring a senior executive, or even a full-time manager.

However, Walde said he hoped to be able to take advantage of the assistant manager’s experience of working for a large multinational retailer, where it’s “not uncommon” to have an “academic degree in business”.

Alder is expected to take over as chief executive in 2020, with Walde taking over as chairman.