When a Florida medicaid beneficiary applied for an application to receive disability payments from the federal government, he didn’t get one.

His application was rejected by the Florida Department of Health and Human Services, according to a report from Fox Sports.

“This was a case where we had a disability, which was due to a mental illness,” said Jennifer Johnson, an attorney for the woman who received the rejection letter.

Johnson, who has filed a lawsuit against the agency, said she was unaware the application was denied until a few weeks after the application for the payment was submitted.

Johnson said the agency has yet to provide an explanation for the rejection.

The department said in a statement that it “cannot comment on individual cases.”

Johnson said she believes the rejection was related to a letter sent by the agency to her and her family last year.

In the letter, the agency said the eligibility for medicaid payments was changed and that a different disability determination could have been made, according the report.

Johnson believes she was rejected for reasons unrelated to her mental illness.

She said she has been in a relationship with a man she met through the Florida Medicaid program and has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which she has not received any treatment for.

Johnson said she doesn’t want to return to the job market.

She was unemployed until recently.

The agency said it was notifying Johnson and her husband that the denial of their application was being reviewed.

It did not provide further details about the review process.

The Florida Department for Human Services said it could not comment on individuals or their cases.

Johnson has filed another lawsuit against her state, and a hearing on the case is scheduled for Jan. 23.

Johnson’s attorney, Jason Stokes, said the decision was disappointing.

He said Johnson’s application was considered for the benefit of other recipients and that the agency is supposed to provide the best possible services to individuals with disabilities.

Stokes said he hopes Johnson will be able to apply for a second job in the future.

Johnson was born with cerebral palsy and cerebral palsylvania, a neurological disorder that causes movement difficulties and sensory problems.

She has been working as a certified social worker, helping people with disabilities with the elderly, the disabled and those with chronic health problems.

Johnson says she has had multiple appointments with the agency since her application was submitted and that she is still waiting for a reply to her letter.

She is seeking a refund of the application fees.

Johnson filed a complaint against the state of Florida with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission last year after she received a rejection letter from the agency in November 2016.

Johnson is one of more than 10,000 Florida recipients of disability checks that have been rejected since October 2017.

The agency, which oversees the state’s Medicaid program, said it is investigating Johnson’s complaint.