Mexico’s Ministry of Labor and Social Security announced on Monday that it has acquired SoundCloud as an official applicant portal for the country’s unemployment benefit, with the aim of opening the countrys own unemployment application to foreign applicants.

“We’re excited to introduce this exciting new application portal to our foreign applicants, and we’re confident that the new portal will make the Mexico unemployment process even easier for them,” Miguel Ponce de Leon, Minister of Labor, Social Security and Welfare, said in a statement.

“With this new application, we will offer foreign workers an easier and more effective solution to the job market, including easier access to the necessary paperwork and help finding a job,” the ministry said.

SoundCloud’s application for the benefit will be available from February 22.

In addition to the official portal, the company will also provide other services, such as translation, in addition to providing audio and video recordings of the unemployment application.

Soundcloud, which has over one billion users in the US, is one of the biggest music companies in the world, and was founded by former DJ and producer Justin Vernon in 2010.

The company launched in 2012, and in March this year launched a US-based version, but its US-language version is not yet available for sale in Mexico.