A landlord in Queensland says he was forced to sell his house to pay his rent.

Key points:The landlord said he was given the option to buy his property but chose not toThe tenant was charged with breaching the Tenancy Act and was fined $10,000Renting on the rental market in Queensland is not legal, so many renters struggle to find a place to liveIt was an open house for tenants in the Brisbane suburb of Biddulle on February 25, 2017.

The man who lives there was charged after a landlord complained about the rent.

He said he found a rental agency offering an option to rent for less than $1,000.

He was told he would be able to pay off the rent by October.

He bought his house and paid the rent on the day of the open house, but then had to give it back to the rental agency.

The landlord has been evicted from his home in Bidduls Road, where he lived with his partner for two years.

The tenant’s lawyer said it was an “extraordinary case” where the landlord was given no choice.

“He’s not a criminal and there is no justification for him to be evicted,” he said.

“I’m really not surprised it’s happened.”

We’ve seen this happen a lot over the last few years and we’re seeing a lot of cases.

“It’s a very tough situation.”

If you’re not paying the rent, it’s very difficult to get any kind of assistance.

“Landlords in Queensland are required to pay up to a maximum of $1000 per week for a rental unit.

If they don’t pay their rent by the end of the term, they can be fined up to $50,000, or have their rental properties seized.

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