Kroger has launched a new online application to let job seekers apply for jobs on its stores.

The job seekers will be able to fill out an application that will go live in the coming weeks and will ask for a CV and a cover letter.

The company also has an online application for potential sales associates.

According to the application, Kroger will be looking for people to work in stores from the United States, United Kingdom, France, Australia and other countries.

The application also includes information on how to apply for a job and the job description.

For a limited time, Krober will also offer its customers a chance to apply on the company’s mobile app.

The application will allow Kroger to keep track of job seekers’ activity, the company said.

The new application will be available to Kroger’s 1 million employees who have access to the Kroger App.

The Kroger application has a number of options, including a link to the website where the job seeker can fill out their application, and the ability to submit a CV or cover letter that can be used by Kroger sales associates as proof of employment.

A Kroger spokesperson told Axios the application will launch “within the next few weeks.”