The Federal Trade Commission has issued a warning to companies that have a new application form they are using for job seekers seeking to apply for unemployment benefits.

The Federal Trade Commissions new job search form is meant to be a way to get the job search job, said Jessica Rich, a spokeswoman for the FTC.

“But it’s also meant to get people to actually go to the unemployment office and actually apply,” Rich said.

The form asks the company to show that the job seeker actually has a job, not just an offer, and asks whether they have the skills and experience to find a job.

It also asks whether the job seekers resume is in good standing and has been reviewed by the FTC’s hiring office.

The FTC says the form is designed to be “more easily understood and understood by people applying for a job.”

The agency also advises companies to make sure the company is providing the right information to applicants.

“This is a form that people need to be familiar with,” Rich added.

“If it’s a form with some basic information, then it’s not going to be very difficult for someone to use.”

The form also has the FTC asking whether the person has a criminal history, a history of violent behavior, a criminal record in the United States, or a conviction for a felony.

It asks whether any other problems were reported or if any criminal history was known to the company.

The new form is being used by more than 6 million companies nationwide, according to the FTC website.

It is not yet clear how many companies are using it.

The FTC is asking employers to update the form to include information on criminal history and violent or other problems, which are often required for job applications, according the agency.