The Bachelor contestants’ relationship is still on ice, but the Bachelor franchise is trying to get some help in the medical marijuana arena.

According to the Arizona Department of Health, The Bachelor’s Season 25 Finale will begin in Tucson on Thursday.

Bachelor contestants will have six months to get a medical marijuana card.

This will be the first time in the franchise’s nearly 30-year history that contestants will not have to relocate from their hometown.

The show is expected to air in early 2018.

“We’re hoping to get the card out of the city of Tucson this week,” said Arizona Department Of Health Commissioner John O’Hara.

“If they do that, we would like to get them in Tucson, where the patient can go to have the card there.”

The state says it is willing to assist with the application process, but has not yet decided if they will provide medical marijuana.

The state will continue to monitor applicants and other health professionals in the city.

It is also looking into potential health impacts associated with recreational marijuana use.

The department says medical marijuana use will not be permitted on the property of any property.