Posted May 07, 2019 09:59:02 The Petco Corporation is launching a new application for credit card holders to help with pet care.

The application for Petco credit cards, the company said Monday, is aimed at pet owners who are trying to save money for pet care costs, while also trying to pay off debt.

The Petc credit cards will not be issued directly to pet owners, but will instead be processed through a bank.

The cardholders will then be able to pay for pet-related expenses through their own bank account.

The Petco card will be available from Petco stores in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Petco says the card will offer up to a $1,000-per-month credit limit and up to three years of the Petco Credit Card, with an additional two years for additional Petco members.

It will not offer any other benefits beyond the Petc Credit Card.

Petc said it expects that as many as 1.5 million Petco debit card holders could use the card in the coming years.

Peto says the Petcos new card offers a variety of services for pet owners that will help them pay off their pet’s medical bills, rent, food, vet bills, and other bills.

Petos card will also allow customers to buy pet supplies and other items from Petcos store online, and to purchase pet products from the company’s Petco store.

The company said Petco is also adding its own pet care products to its pet product line.

The company is also expanding its pet-focused store, Petco Pets, in addition to expanding its Petco petcare business in the U.S.

PetCo said that by 2019, more than 80 percent of Petco Pet Care stores in all of its stores in North America will be Petco outlets.

Petcos new Petco Visa card, which can be used for purchases at PetcoPetco, PetCo Petpet stores, and Petco online, is expected to go into mass distribution in late 2019.