Posted February 16, 2019 17:00:22Google has unveiled a new application that will allow people with disabilities to access their Google search history and contact lists.

The company says the “Disability Applications Platform” (DAP) will help people with “disability-related problems” get the right answers from Google.

Google says the application will be available for both Android and iOS devices, with a web interface to allow people to share their data with other users.

The DAP is a partnership between Google, Microsoft and the US Department of Justice (DOJ), which provides a set of tools for disability users to manage their search history.

The tools will be released as part of a larger initiative to provide access to the internet for people with disability.

In a blog post, Google said the “DAP is intended to help people in communities where there is a need for access to Google search results for a specific condition, but the lack of such access can often result in frustration and frustration with the search results.”

“As part of our ongoing commitment to providing accessible search results, we’ve designed the DAP to allow users to search on a wide range of conditions, including some that are not as common as others,” the company wrote.

“For example, if you are diagnosed with autism or other developmental delays, we can help you find information about a doctor’s appointment, as well as the address and phone number of a service provider who can help with specific support or services.”

The DAPP will include a search bar that can be used to browse for specific results, and the ability to “add a comment” to the search bar to share your search history with others.

It will also be available in several languages, including French, German, Chinese and Russian.

Google said the company had developed the Dap to help individuals “enable more accurate, accurate and reliable search results”.

“We know that many of you rely on Google to get the information you need to navigate the internet, but we also know that there are thousands of people with complex needs who have no access to search tools,” it said.

Google’s announcement follows similar announcements by Microsoft and Google that the companies will open the platform to users with disabilities in coming months.

Google previously launched an Android application that helps people with visual impairment to search for information on Google and other web services, such as search results.

Google also said it would soon launch an iOS app that will make it easier for users with mobility impairments to navigate its search results to the web.

“In addition to helping people with vision impairment, the DAPP also allows people with different conditions to access the search information on the internet,” the announcement said.

“We want to help you search for answers to common questions about your disability, so we’ve worked with the National Association of the Blind and the American Association of Retired Persons to help bring the DAPS to life.”

Google has previously launched a tool for people who have cerebral palsy and a computer-aided design (CAD) version of its online search engine.