Time: A new pair of Apple Watch Edition smartwatches is about to arrive in the US.

In just over two weeks, the watch will be available to purchase from Apple’s online store and select retailers, and soon it will be on sale for $799.

The Apple Watch 2 comes with a 2,000mAh battery and a slightly smaller display, and has a few new features as well.

The Apple Watch will be powered by an upgraded version of the A10 Fusion processor, which includes an updated A10X GPU and 3GB of RAM.

In addition, Apple is bringing along a new Siri-enabled Siri assistant, a new “always on display” feature, a “new smartwatch design” that allows users to customize the watch face, and a redesigned watch face that will look more like a smartphone.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have both been updated to iOS 10, and will be making their way to stores in the coming weeks.

The new iPhone is also available for pre-order through select retailers starting on September 30.

Apple has said that the new iPhone will ship in November, but will not be available in stores until December.

The new Apple Watch is also being offered for preorder through several select retailers.

The watch will come in a black and white version with a matte white dial, and the stainless steel version is going to be available with an all-black, black and red leather band.

Apple is also offering an “Apple Watch Edition” model with a stainless steel band, and it will include a new smartwatch app, the Apple Watch Facebook app, and Apple Watch Pro software updates.