Application for unemployment benefits from the Department of Labor can take several months to receive.

You can get an application in your local office of the county attorney, but the application must be accompanied by a photo ID from your employer.

In addition, you can get a copy of your employer’s tax return.

Applications for Ohio unemployment benefits can take about four weeks to process.

To get an approved application, you’ll need to submit a letter from your local county office that explains your application.

To apply online, you need to log into the Office of Unemployment Insurance at the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services website and sign up for a Social Security Number and a proof of income.

Applications can also be submitted online at the office of your local sheriff or police department.

Once you submit your application, the Department will process your application within 48 hours.

Applications received by the Department should be reviewed for errors.

You will be notified if the application is approved or rejected.

If you have questions about applying for unemployment, contact the Ohio Office of Job & Family Services at 1-800-JOB-HELP (1-800) 938-2434.