You can’t have a perfect sandwich without a good arby.

Arby’s has been known to get away with making some of the best sandwiches in the world, but we’ve tried to make our own at home.

So how do you make a good one?

Let’s talk sandwich magic.1.

Arrange the ingredients properlyArrange your ingredients in a way that you won’t mess up your food.

This is a good way to avoid the problems of having different ingredients on different pieces of the sandwich.2.

Make sure your toppings are freshArrange the toppings carefully, in the order you want them to appear.

This ensures the food gets to you quickly, while also helping to prevent it from drying out or overcooking.3.

Mix it upWith a mix of salt, pepper, onion, cilantro, and cayenne pepper, mix your ingredients well, and place them on the bun.

If your bread doesn’t have the same texture as the sandwich you’re preparing, try making a thin layer.

This way, the bun won’t be as flat.4.

Cut the breadIn a mixing bowl, mix together the bread, lettuce, tomato, onion and cilantro.

Spread it out to form a thin, even layer on the bread.

If you want, you can make a thicker sandwich using a more generous spread of lettuce, but this will likely leave you with more of a hard, chewy crust.5.

Arrive at the right timeWhen you arrive at the table, carefully open the sandwich with your fork, and pick up the lettuce and tomato with your hands.

Place them on your bun, and arrange them in a single layer.

Repeat until all of the ingredients are evenly covered.

If the lettuce doesn’t get enough to cover all of your ingredients, you may want to add more to your sandwich by adding a tablespoon of cheese to your lettuce and onion mixture.

Once your sandwich is all set, cut into quarters and serve.

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