I’m not one of those people who is always looking for jobs, writes Bachelor applicant Adam Smith.

The 19-year-old is working on his Bachelor of Engineering degree in aerospace engineering at the University of Sydney.

He’s looking for work but has no interest in going into an interview.

Adam says he has a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering, but hasn’t studied for a job.

“I have no interest at all in going through the application process,” he said.

He also doesn’t have any financial need for a Bachelor degree.

“I’m happy to work for free but not on a wage,” he told news.com:au.

What would you do if you had a job?

“If I had a degree I would have had a full-time job.

I would probably be in a lower-paid position,” he added.”

That’s just not how I see the world.

Read more”I would have worked from home.

I’m very self-employed and I would love to work from home, but I’m really self-taught.

I don’t have a job right now.

“Read moreAdam is the first person to apply for a full Bachelor of Computer Science degree at the ABC.

He plans to continue working on projects on his engineering degree at university and pursue a career in aerospace.

Adam is now looking for opportunities at his own company, BigBots.

Bridget Taylor, CEO of BigBats, says the company has been lucky to have so many applicants in the last few months.”

The more people that are interested, the better the chances are of finding the right person for that position,” she said.”

We’re very excited to have Adam’s application and the success of our applicants will allow us to grow our business further.

“BigBots has more than 300,000 customers worldwide and we have some very strong applicants already.”

Adam’s success will help us grow even further in the future.

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