More than half of all jobs in the US are now offered through digital platforms, with more than 80 per cent of employers now using these platforms, according to a new report from a US consulting firm.

The report by Citi, the Economic Analysis Group (EAG), found that over 70 per cent, or about 1.8 million jobs, are now being created through digital tools, with another 1.3 million positions offered through platforms such as Crowdin, JobVault, and CrowdX.

“More than 70 per, or nearly half of US jobs are being created using these new digital platforms,” said Mark Schiller, co-author of the report.

“We estimate that 1.6 million of these jobs are directly related to digital employment.”

Digital platforms such the crowdin platform and the JobVaults platform offer employers an easy way to search for a job in the company’s workforce and a centralised view of job vacancies, with all the information necessary for the job to be completed.

JobVault has become increasingly popular for job seekers as it provides employers with a central search page with more detailed information and a more streamlined process.

“Crowdin has emerged as a key tool for hiring employers as it allows employers to quickly access job vacancies in real-time,” said Mr Schiller.

“JobVaults offers employers a platform to quickly locate and locate qualified job candidates in their local area.”

The US economy has been hit by a recession and the unemployment rate has continued to rise, and it is now around 14.3 per cent.

The EAG found that between June and September this year, job seekers lost 2.6m jobs and the total number of job openings was around 2.5 million.More: