You can’t rent a house just because it’s near you.

You need to find out how much you’re worth before you even think about it.

Rent a home for about $4,500 per month to get started, which is a bargain for Sydney.

If you can, look into an area that’s relatively affordable and start from scratch.

If it’s not possible to buy a property outright, you can rent a short term house in the CBD or a smaller unit in the outer suburbs.

If your salary isn’t enough to pay for the rent, rent a home with a lower rent.

If the place is too expensive, consider getting a smaller house instead.

You can also get a discount on a house if you rent out a small part of it or if you pay more than the usual amount.

Read moreHow much rent is right for you?

How much you should payIf you want to rent a property for less than $4.5k a year, look at how much rent you can get.

This is the rent that a person who earns $30,000 a year would pay in a year.

Read MoreRent the same house for $6,500 or less and you’ll pay $3,500 less per month.

Rents for apartments can vary widely depending on the type of property you’re looking to rent.

For example, a one-bedroom apartment in the inner-west would probably cost $2,500 to $3 for a one bedroom, while a two-bedroom one-storey would probably be around $3.50 to $4 for a two bedroom.

For apartments in the northern suburbs, there’s usually a much higher rent that’s more than you’d get renting an entire home.

Check the cost of rent before you rent.

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If renting out your home is not an option, then you could consider a smaller apartment.

A smaller apartment will also save you money by reducing your rental bill, but the average apartment is only around $1,400 a month.

Read on to find the best places to rent for a small or medium size apartment.