An American eagle application to apply for a license for a Florida oil and water well was denied by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection last week, despite a flurry of interest and applications.

The department, however, did allow an American eagle to apply.

The application from the National Park Service for a state-owned oil and natural gas company is a response to the EPA’s decision in July to allow the application of the US oil and geothermal exploration license for the state-operated oil and mineral exploration well at a location in the southern Florida Keys, the Associated Press reports.

The state had earlier said the application would be denied on the grounds that it was not a state agency license application.

However, after receiving the application, the department changed its position, saying that it would review the application and take a look at the applicant’s application for a federal oil and oil-gas license.

The US oil company would be licensed to drill and tap oil and shale gas in Florida.

The application was denied because it was “not an agency license,” said a statement from the Florida DOR.

“In the future, the state will review all of its application processes and policies and determine if an appropriate application process was in place at the time the application was submitted,” it said.

In the meantime, the Florida Oil and Gas Association, a local oil and energy industry group, said the oil company should be allowed to explore in Florida for the next two years.