By using an iPhone to install OS X is very easy, but the process can be a bit tricky if you don’t have an advanced Mac.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you install OS 16.1 Yosemite and other newer versions of macOS.1.

Open Finder.

Open the Applications menu.

You can select your OS X install from the menu, or you can use the Finder’s shortcut or menu.2.

Tap the Settings icon.

From the left-hand menu, tap Software Update.3.

Tap Install Now.4.

Choose Your Language.

You will see the language option.

If you don, select a different language.5.

Tap Continue.6.

Tap Done.7.

Tap OK.8.

Tap Back to Desktop.

If your device is connected to your computer, you can choose to install the OS X version.9.

Tap Yes to continue.10.

Tap Confirm.11.

Tap Next.12.

Tap Select to Install.13.

Tap Apply.14.

Tap Close.15.

Tap Reboot to System.

If everything went well, your iPhone should reboot and start up.

This should take a couple of minutes.

If it doesn’t, go to the Settings menu again.

You may need to restart the iPhone for this to take effect.16.

Once the OS is installed, you should be able to see the app icon in the bottom left corner of your screen.

If that icon is blue, your app has been installed.