The Apple Pay mobile payment application is now available for iOS and Mac users, and it lets users send and receive bitcoin payments without the need for a bank or credit card.

Apple has now added support for bitcoin in Apple Pay for Android and iOS users, according to Apple’s App Store blog.

The bitcoin payment application for the mobile payment app works like this:If you sign into an Apple Pay account with an existing credit or debit card, the app will scan the QR code on your card and generate a bitcoin address.

If you don’t have a credit or debit card yet, you can open one.

When you receive the bitcoin payment from an iPhone, you’ll see a QR code with the bitcoin address on it.

The app will then send the bitcoin amount to your bitcoin address, along with a confirmation message that says “verified by bitcoin wallet.”

The app also supports bitcoin debit cards without needing to open one, but it requires that you have a valid credit or a debit card in your wallet.

For now, you’re only able to use Apple Pay on your Apple Watch, though this could change if Apple expands the service to other wearable devices.

Apple Pay is a $15 billion global payments system that allows users to make payments online and in stores.

It has grown over the past few years, but its growth has been slow compared to the growth of other payment services like Square, PayPal, and Venmo.