Now Playing: US Customs and Border Protection is cracking down on fraudulent US visa applications, new Trump executive order says article Texas is one of the states that have begun to implement a new immigration policy that will allow undocumented immigrants to get work visas and other benefits.

The Texas Department of Public Safety announced Monday that it is cracking Down on Fraudulent US Visa Applications in the State of Texas.

According to the new order, Texas is “working with other states and localities to strengthen the system to deter and detect fraud.”

Texas is in the process of implementing the new system.

The Department of Homeland Security has already signed off on the order, and is working with other federal, state, and local agencies to implement the order.

“Texas will continue to work closely with our partners to make our state an even more attractive place to live and work,” State Senator Joaquin Castro said in a statement.

The new Texas Visa Process has been implemented by the Department of State.

The program is designed to help immigrants who may have previously applied for a US visa but have not been successful, get a work visa.

“The Texas Department will continue working closely with its partner agencies to identify and prevent fraudulent visa applications,” the statement reads.

The state will also work with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services to help undocumented immigrants in the state apply for an extension to stay in the country and receive work visas.

“We will continue the effort to reduce fraud, strengthen the verification process, and keep Texans safe,” Castro said.

The Trump Administration has also launched a nationwide initiative to combat visa fraud.

“This Administration is committed to keeping Americans safe and protecting our nation, and we are launching a nationwide effort to combat the illegal immigration of individuals, and make sure those who pose a threat to our security are caught and brought to justice,” said Attorney General Jeff Sessions in a news conference Monday.

“As the Secretary said yesterday, we are working with our state and local partners to ensure that Texans are protected from visa fraud and that they are able to enjoy the benefits of the American Dream,” said Texas Governor Greg Abbott in a press release.

“To ensure that our Texans and others are able access the opportunity to live, work, and support their families, the Department will be working with state, local, and federal partners to enforce the rules of the game and crack down on the use of fraudulent, illegal, or fraudulent-looking documents.”