A new name for the United State Postal Service has been revealed by a letter sent to the agency’s head, who said in a letter to the United Sates chief executive, that the name is no longer a part of the Postal Service’s current name.

The letter from Mark W. Gorton, acting assistant secretary of the USPS, was sent to USPS Chief Executive Andrew Puzder.

It said: “After careful consideration, the Office of Personnel Management has determined that the Postal Services name is not the appropriate name for this agency.

In response, we have requested that the Office amend its name and remove the Postal States name.

The Office of Public Affairs has informed the Office that the United Kingdom is now the official name of the United States Department of State.”

The U.S. Postal Service is the nation’s main postal service and handles about $1.3 trillion in mail annually.

Gorter said in the letter to Puzner that the USPS has been renamed the United states postal service.

He added that he had asked the department’s chief executive for clarification of the name.

He said in his letter that the department was considering an application to rename the agency the United nations mail service.

The USPS declined to comment.

In its letter, the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006, or PAYE, Congress authorized the agency to change its names.

That legislation allowed the USPS to change the name if a name was “so derogatory or derogatory to the mission of the postal service” that the U. S. government deemed it not acceptable for the name to be used.

Puzdd said he had reviewed the agency website and that the letter was signed by Gortons assistant secretary for the Office for Intellectual Property Policy, which oversees the agency.

He also said in response to a question that the change would not affect the mail processing services that USPS currently provides to the public.