A Missouri unemployment applicant who recently lost his job in a statewide search was told that he had not been approved for the state’s program.

The application, filed last month, was the first for a Missouri unemployment worker since the government shut down the state Job Corps program last year.

The program was set up to help workers with skills shortages with the goal of making up for a shrinking workforce.

It had more than 1,000 participants in the state last year, and many are still applying for jobs.

The job is still open for a few more weeks, but if you are approved you can apply online.

It’s up to you to fill out the application and mail it in to the application office.

The office will send you a verification number.

If you do not receive a verification, the agency will send an email to your social security number, birth date and a message asking you to resubmit the application.

A new unemployment application is due by May 7.

In addition to the verification number, the Missouri Department of Workforce Development will send a letter to your Social Security number, your birth date, a message to confirm your eligibility and a confirmation email.

The agency is notifying applicants that if they apply for the unemployment benefit while the program is closed, they will not be considered for a job.

The unemployment application will go back to the job board, which will decide if they are approved or not.

The Job Corps, a nonprofit organization that was run by a nonprofit group, has been running since 2009.

It offers a job training program, a job searching website and help with obtaining a new job.

However, in recent years the agency has faced criticism for the way it has handled applications and received help from the Department of Labor, the Department on Aging and other agencies.

It also is part of a federal government program called Workforce Investment Act.