In a move likely to infuriate the BJP, a top BJP leader said on Sunday that “pundits” on the left will blame him for Modi s failure, a move that could infuriation the BJP and its allies in the Congress and the opposition.

In a tweet, Shiv Sena’s Sharad Yadav blamed Modi for not having the right tools to fight terrorism, and said he had been trying to “kill” terrorists.

“Modi has been trying hard to kill terrorists and now, his government is failing,” Yadav tweeted.

He added, “Sharing terrorists with the Congress is the best way to kill them.”

The BJP’s former national security adviser, Ravi Shankar Prasad, also lashed out at Modi, saying his government had not fought terrorism “in the last 12 years” and had failed to stop it.

He added that Modi had done a lot to fight terror but the “forces of terror” were “now stronger than ever”.

In a scathing criticism of Modi, Prasid, who was Modi s foreign secretary, also said that “Modi cannot lead a free India” as he “has been trying his best to destroy India”.

A senior BJP leader in Gujarat, meanwhile, said the Congress was “in no mood” to discuss the role of the BJP in the election.

“There is no room for discussion, even as we fight to protect our interests,” said Vijay Sharma.

Sharma, who is a close aide of Modi and is the state BJP chief, said he was confident that BJP would win seats.

“Our party is winning in the elections.

If the Congress fails, then the BJP is the only party that can fight it out.

Our party is the main winner,” Sharma said.

He also lashed Modi at the “corrupt” Congress party, saying the Congress party had “lost its credibility” and was “now running with Modi.”

Sharma said the BJP would work with Congress on the issues facing India, including on Kashmir.

He said the party would also fight to defeat the Supreme Court verdict that found Modi guilty of murder in 2002.