Posted January 16, 2018 08:52:51As you may have heard, Amazon is opening a new developer office in Illinois.

The company is looking to hire developers for two new roles: one to work on the Alexa Skills Platform and another for a more traditional developer role that focuses on “content creation and delivery.”

These jobs will be available for the next two months.

The announcement follows a wave of Amazon hiring announcements from last month, including hiring a “digital team” of five, and an expanded team for a second year.

In the wake of the announcements, Amazon has also announced that it will open its first fulfillment center in Indiana.

The job listing for the new development team, called “Development and Operations” in the job description, is available at Amazon’s website.

It specifically mentions that it is looking for a “software developer.”

It notes that the new team will be “responsible for creating and managing the Amazon Alexa Skills platform.”

This includes creating “user experience” for Alexa, “developing APIs to interact with the Alexa platform,” and “develop and build new software for Amazon Alexa.”

It’s unclear whether the developer position is being created solely for developers or whether it is part of a larger developer team.

The listing indicates that this is a new position that will be created and maintained by the new Amazon developer team, and does not specify a timeline for its creation.

Amazon did not provide a job description for this role, which is currently only available for developers with experience with JavaScript.

This suggests that the team will primarily focus on building a development and deployment environment for Alexa and will likely be responsible for creating the new Alexa skills platform.