Business Insider is reporting that the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) application process is a bit of a mess, but that the SNAP Application for 2017 is a lot simpler than what you might expect. 

If you’re new to the SNAP application process, the steps are a bit confusing: You apply to be a SNAP beneficiary for the first time by mail and then you must send in a SNAP application. 

That means that the application process can be quite lengthy, especially if you want to apply to more than one county, as well as the fact that it is not as straightforward to sign up for benefits online. 

In fact, there are two ways to apply online for SNAP, the SNAP Program and the Supplemental Supplemental Nutrition Information Center. 

To be clear, this means that if you’re looking to apply at the SNAP website, you’re going to have to do some manual work on your part to complete the online application.

The first step is to log into your SNAP account and go to the application form. 

Next, you must fill out a short form to submit the application to the program. 

Then you are directed to a page that asks you to upload the SNAP information that you will need for the application.

This is where you can upload any documents you want. 

After that, the application forms will be sent to you. 

You can apply for Supplemental Nutrition Benefits through your county’s SNAP program and Supplemental Nutrition Services, or SNAP/SNAP-S and SNAP-S-S. 

But what if you do not have a SNAP account or do not want to be associated with a SNAP program? 

You may be able to apply through a county’s Supplemental Nutrition Program and then use the Supplemental Information Center to submit your SNAP application online.

For those that do not need a SNAP/Supplemental Nutrition account or the Supplemental information Center, there is an online application form that you can use for SNAP. 

For those who do have a local SNAP program, there can be some confusing steps to submit a SNAP Application. 

First, you will want to create a SNAP Program account. 

Second, you need to create an online SNAP Application using the SNAP/S application.

Third, you have to go to your county SNAP site and log in to your SNAP/s account.

Fourth, you go to a section called Application Information and you will be directed to submit all of the required information that will allow you to receive SNAP benefits. 

Finally, when you are finally ready to apply, you can submit the SNAP Benefits application.

So if you are new to SNAP and you want more information about how the SNAP program works, check out this guide. 

Posted by Amy G. at 4:13 PM