Online application for Illinois Link has been approved for public sale, with a target date of September 13.

The application, titled Illinois Link, has received an online recommendation from online retailer Zaxby.

It comes after online retailer JD Power applied for approval in April for a similar online application.

Both applications have the same target date, September 13, 2018, but there are significant differences.JD Power’s application will be available from the following sources: JD Power, JD Power Retail, Zaxbys website, JD’s website and the online application portal.

Zaxby, the largest online retailer in Australia, is also applying for approval for a “home-grown” online application in an attempt to boost its online sales platform.JD’s application has not been approved.JD announced last year that it was seeking approval to sell the Illinois Link application on its website.

The company said in January it would open up its online applications to retailers who want to buy the application.JD said in March it would launch an online marketplace for IllinoisLink applications.