Google’s Calendar application for Android has been a staple for Android users for years.

Now, it has been updated to support Google Calendar for iPhone.

The update brings calendar support to the Apple Watch as well, though it is not currently available to the Google Watch.

The Google Calendar app for Android, which was first announced back in October 2015, was released in July 2017.

Now the app has been made available on iOS.

Apple Watch has been an option for many users, including the Apple TV.

With iOS users using the Google Calendar to manage their calendar, the Apple watch was a popular alternative.

But Google has since announced that it will no longer offer the Apple device as an alternative to the calendar app.

This is a good news for users of the Google calendar app for iOS.

However, if you are using Apple Watch, the calendar may not work correctly on your watch.

Google has released a statement on the Google Play Store explaining that Apple Watch users can use the Google app to manage calendar appointments, but they are limited to only accessing the calendar in the Calendar app.

Google is also updating its calendar app on its Play Store for Android and Apple Watch.

Users can now manage calendar events and appointments.

Google also said that they will be adding more calendar events in the future.

For now, the Google update is available for the Google watch and the Apple iPhone, but Google has not said when it will roll out to other Android and iPhone devices.