Israel’s largest fast food chain is appealing a ruling that it must comply with a ban on sandwiches.

The Jerusalem Post reported that KFC is appealing the court’s decision to allow it to offer sandwich sandwiches at its restaurants, which include the world famous American burger chain.

“The court’s ruling is not a ban, but a clarification that we must obey,” KFC said in a statement.

“The decision should be applied to all of our restaurants.”

The company has more than 40,000 restaurants in the US, Israel, and other countries, and has already been granted a conditional license by the Department of Health to offer burgers.

The ban came into effect in October, and is aimed at protecting KFC’s trademark by preventing competitors from serving its sandwiches at their own stores.

The company’s decision was upheld by the court on Thursday, but the ruling does not affect the rest of its business.KFC has been a hotbed of protests by Palestinians who say it is racist and discriminatory.

The Palestinian Authority and other groups have said it is violating Palestinian rights.

The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.